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page 1 Branding | IMSICKOFTHIS Authentic Gear LLC | The Spice & Tea Exchange

August 24, 2013

by Staff
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page 1 Branding

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Spice & Tea Exchange

The ribbon cutting for page 1 Branding was recently held at 57 Faris Circle in Greenville. The business is co-owned by Stephen Palacino and Jonathan Tribble, who both came from small business backgrounds and wanted to address the differences in marketing for large businesses and small businesses. For more information, visit page1branding.com, email [email protected] or call 864-908-4471.

IMSICKOFTHIS Authentic Gear LLC recently opened at 103 N. Main St. in Simpsonville. Their mission is to provide a platform for individuals to declare and begin to positively change what they are “sick of” in their life. The store offers a variety of IMSICKOFTHIS trademarked products and accessories, such as caps, T-shirts and wristbands. They also customize products for groups or organizations to promote their causes. For more information call 864-757-1072 or email [email protected]

The Spice & Tea Exchange recently opened at 124 N. Main St. in Greenville. It offers high quality spices, herbs, specialty blends, salts, sugars, tea and accessories. They are open Monday-Friday 10-7 p.m. and Sunday noon-6 p.m. For more information, visit spiceandtea.com or call 864-509-0125.



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