4 New Year’s resolutions for a healthier workplace



We’ve all been there: It’s January and we are ready to kick-start the New Year with “This will be the year of the new me, a leaner, smaller and more active version of myself!” The enthusiasm and drive might last through mid-January, but the five-day-a-week training sessions start getting shorter. Then they turn into three-day-a-week training sessions, and finally you are making excuses about how you will get back on track next Monday.

Our job as wellness professionals is to provide our employees with the tools they need to extend their enthusiasm and to encourage them to stick with their resolutions all year long. The New Year is our time to take full advantage of a driven population. How can we do this? How can we provide our employees with the motivation to make smart and achievable resolutions? Here are four easy guidelines that can help your team develop sustainable wellness-driven resolutions.

1) Start small – Small achievable goals are not only rewarding when achieved, but they can be stepping stones to bigger goals. Know full-heartedly Rome was not built in a day!

2) One step at a time – Don’t try to stop all bad habits at once. Start the first of the year by kicking one bad habit at a time! For example, if you eat out each workday for lunch and have a soda with each meal, start by eliminating the soda consumption and then try to bring a healthy lunch from home more often. This will help eliminate extra sugars in your diet and in return will have a direct impact on your caloric value each day (not to mention saving a little cash!).

3) Run in a pack – Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and continue to support one another for small daily victories. Have fun challenges between cube mates. For example, have a “junk jar” around your office, and each time a person has a high caloric snack (candy/pastries/cake/etc.), they must put a dollar into the “junk jar.” At the end of the challenge, take that money and give it to charity. This will help you think twice about having that slice of cake or cookie your co-worker brought in.

4) Never give up – One failure or one bad weekend of indulging does not have to be the end of your resolution. What happened, happened and there is nothing you can do about it. Continue to hit the reset button and push yourself to get better each week.

These are just a few key factors to take into consideration when setting and supporting New Year’s resolutions. Each one is a positive step toward ensuring this year’s resolutions last throughout the year.




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