4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Offer Dental Benefits


by Spann Laffitte, Vice President of Sales and Account Management Delta Dental of South Carolina

As a small business owner, you know the needs of your company and your employees can be very different from the needs of those at a larger company. But some things remain the same whether your company employs two people or 500 – including the need for access to quality dental benefits. Here’s why dental benefits matter for small businesses.

  1. Employees care about dental benefits.

According to a survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, more than two thirds of employees consider dental benefits to be an extremely or very important part of an overall compensation package offered by an employer. By offering employees access to quality dental benefits, small business owners are showing an investment in the wellbeing of their employees and a commitment to attracting and retaining talented individuals. A well-rounded compensation package also helps small businesses stand out from other employers that are trying to hire from the same pool of potential employees.

  1. Large networks offer the best value for your employees’ benefits dollar.

Our Delta Dental PPO℠ and Delta Dental Premier® networks provide access to 3 out of 4 dentists across the U.S. This results in better utilization of in-network dentists by members which helps keep costs down. Our unique dual network lets members leverage the benefits of both networks, resulting in more choice for members and more opportunity for employees to enjoy the benefits of reduced fees.

  1. Letting a carrier handle administration frees up valuable time.

When a dental carrier handles benefits administration, small business owners are able to spend more time focusing on their businesses. And with Delta Dental, you can have peace of mind that the job is being done right: We process more than 118 million claims annually with greater than 99 percent accuracy. Should questions or concerns arise, Delta Dental provides a superior customer service team to answer questions and resolve any issues.

  1. Dental benefits can improve employees’ overall health – and your bottom line.

It’s obvious that dental benefits can improve oral health, especially because preventive care, such as exams and cleanings, are often can help employees identify dental issues before they create bigger health problems. Similarly, dental benefits can also improve employees’ overall health by identifying systemic conditions before they become serious. The signs and symptoms of over 120 diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, appear in the mouth. Delta Dental’s 2018 Adult Oral Health Survey found that individuals with dental benefits are 73 percent more likely to visit the dentist at least annually compared to those without benefits. People who keep annual dental appointments are also more likely to report good oral health, and, in turn, those who believe they have good oral health tend to give their overall wellbeing a good or better rating. Your employees’ overall wellbeing is essential to your bottom line. We would be happy to work with you and your employee benefit consultant in crafting the appropriate plan for your needs. Please contact them to get started today.


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