A note from the publisher


Dear loyal reader of UBJ,

As the Upstate Business Journal heads into its seventh year of publication, I am pleased to announce we plan some changes and enhancements to the brand in print and online.

Our research tells us that business readers are connected to and, more importantly, invested in the growth and development of Greenville and the Upstate. They want a broad range of business coverage — from breaking news to an in-depth understanding of major issues, such as commercial real estate development, manufacturing updates, and retail growth, and the people and businesses behind the headlines. Readers want to know what this means to them, their business, and our community.

Our plan is to utilize the print edition of UBJ to do more in-depth pieces on local businesses and significant local developments while relying on the UBJ Inbox weekly newsletter, breaking news emails, and the UBJ website, upstatebusinessjournal.com, to communicate more timely business news information. Focusing our online efforts on business news as it’s happening and providing more robust coverage of local business developments in print allows us to maximize the print and digital mediums to their full potential.

In order to accomplish these objectives, UBJ will publish in print every other week starting with the Aug. 3 issue. This allows our business writers, contributors, and editors the opportunity to better flesh out coverage of major issues and trends. With this move, we have allocated more resources to our digital distribution of business news to keep readers informed of what is happening now.

Speaking for our entire news team, we appreciate your loyal support of UBJ. As Greenville and the Upstate continue to grow, our coverage will grow with them.


Mark B. Johnston



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