An open letter to summer interns


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By Sarah Moore, Public relations director, Complete Public Relations

We need you as much as you need us – maybe more


Dear Potential Summer Interns,

As you’re reading this, you’re probably in one of two camps.

Some of you are probably a little relaxed, knowing that you’ve got an internship lined up for the summer where you’ll hopefully learn more about your chosen industry and maybe learn to make a mean cup of coffee in the process.

The rest of you are probably panicking, thinking that it’s basically break already and nothing’s come through yet and you’ll be resigned to another summer of folding T-shirts and slinging milkshakes at your not-so-favorite job (lots of benefit there too, but that’s another article).

Well, fear not. Whether you’re worried that the most significant thing you’ll do this summer is learn how to work a copier or that all the good opportunities have passed you by, we have news for you – we, the employers of Greenville, need you. We need you as much as you need us. Maybe even more than that.

You need us to learn about the ins and outs of your future career. We need you to learn the ins and outs of YOU. Your generation. What can you, a millennial, teach us about engaging you, inspiring you, connecting to you? Because that’s what we’re all really here to do. What new technology are you learning in your classes that we need to be implementing? How are you communicating with your personal audiences, because you certainly have them (here’s lookin’ at ya, Snapchat)? While you’re with us, you’re one of our most valuable resources, and we’re going to treat you like that.

But we also need you this summer because we need you to come back after summer is over. Greenville is experiencing a wave of young professional, entrepreneurial energy, but that wave only lasts as long as we consistently add new young professionals to the community. Without you coming back to work with us fulltime, our influence dies out.

We need you to see that Greenville isn’t your high school hometown anymore, and the resources and opportunities you think you can get in a big city, you can also get right here, along with an unparalleled quality of life and a lower cost of living that will make your entry level salary go way further. That’s why organizations like PULSE invest in Greenville’s summer interns through PULSE Talent, a program of the Greenville Chamber that connects summer interns to the networking and social opportunities for young professionals in Greenville.

And yes, we need you to get coffee and make copies and drop off the mail and do the boring database entry. But we only need you to do those things because any one of us is also willing and able to do those things to make our companies run. We need you to do those things because, we hope, you’re learning about the advantage of working for a company that values collaboration and teamwork above hierarchy and entitlement. And because, well, we all need more coffee. Even our most valuable resources.


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