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February 17, 2016

Struggles with forward motion

Ashley Boncimino and other members of Leadership Greenville make the best of being trapped in a Statehouse elevator. Read this week's Upfront column. Keep Reading Struggles with forward motion
August 21, 2015

FINAL EDIT: Running Hard

A retrospective look at our work, dash of wit and some pep talk. We’ve made it a blog series: a behind-the-scenes Final Edit goes public. No ‘Emailgate’ here. Keep Reading FINAL EDIT: Running Hard
August 7, 2015

FINAL EDIT: Now that’s teamwork

We gather again Thursday at 9:00 on Perry Avenue for our staff meeting, where we will hopefully welcome back Managing Editor Jerry Salley after 2 days of misery from a stomach bug that aptly reminded the rest of us just how much he does. Which is why heartfelt thanks go to designers Whitney Fincannon, Kristy Adair and Tammy Smith for their patience while I scrambled sans Jerry through both press days, and to all of our staff writers for turning in stories on deadline with no holes and only the occasional "there ares" and "different thans." Keep Reading FINAL EDIT: Now that’s teamwork
July 16, 2015

Get out those cameras

As our news team nears the gentler end of the workweek -- the papers shipped and our to-do lists replaced with notes for the immediately forthcoming publishing cycle -- for just a moment, our editors resurface from the detailed depths of production. They email a reminder of the next morning's editorial planning summit -- along with a retrospective look at our work, a dash of wit and some pep talk. So we've made it a blog series. Keep Reading Get out those cameras
May 6, 2015

Now is the time

UBJ’s new staff writer Robbie Ward looks forward to sharing the Upstate’s stories. "As a journalist, I look for answers and transparency," writes the Mississippi Delta native, who most recently spent time in his home state covering local government. "Since I started this week as a staff writer at the Upstate Business Journal, I’ll share a few truths about my life and approach to journalism." Keep Reading Now is the time
December 5, 2014

We’re not The New York Times, and that’s a good thing

What’s interesting to me about the shifting news landscape is not how we’re consuming it. Clearly, business readers are expanding to online, if sites like Buzzfeed (which just surpassed its own projections by hitting $100 million in revenue before year’s end) and Quartz (the two-year-old news site shaking up business journalism) are any indication. Rather, it’s what topics are in demand. Keep Reading We’re not The New York Times, and that’s a good thing
June 20, 2014

What (We Think) Readers Want

The discussion around this week’s story on baby-related business was an interesting one. It started months ago, shortly after I’d announced to my colleagues that I was expecting my first child. Just a few weeks later our publisher, Ryan Johnston, told the staff he had twins on the way, due about a month before mine. Keep Reading What (We Think) Readers Want