‘Become an Employer of Choice’


By Nisha Patel | Guest Contributor | PR strategist, Crawford Strategy

HR leaders discuss the art of smart talent management


Valuable, loyal employees are the backbone of any successful company. Human resources professionals often want to know the secret to hiring the right employees and retaining valuable employees to ensure a perfect match. While there is no magic formula, Godshall Professional Recruiting & Staffing president Julie Godshall Brown and director of talent assessment resources Mary Wray Connor shared their model for success in discovering, understanding and evolving talent with a group of HR professionals.

Hiring and retaining: “There isn’t one size fits all”


Getting to know potential employees during the interview is critical to future success. Knowing your employees is the best strategy for hiring and retaining your most valuable workforce, regardless of how many people you employ. Employees are not robots; everyone works differently. If you understand your employees, it will be easier for you to keep them happy.

Retention and motivation


Position your employees in roles that highlight their strengths to maximize results. Understand how they communicate – know their hot and cold buttons to avoid disengagement. It’s important to identify behavioral differences between a manager and an employee.

Development and advancement


The most important thing you can do is to discover what “growth” means to each employee. Try to pinpoint individual motivators that lead to greater engagement – the greatest return on investment comes when you first invest in your employees’ happiness.

How to keep your company’s most valuable asset – your employees


Leverage the employee-manager relationship. Energize the jobs by giving employees responsibility so they make meaningful contributions to the overall success of the company. Conduct regular “expectations exchanges” with employees to ensure your objectives – and your employees’ – are on the same track.

Unscrambling your people puzzle


“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” Again, it is important to make sure you have the right people in the right jobs. Find out what their strengths are to find the right fit for them.

What can you do to recruit employees?


Become an employer of choice. Stay in tune with the public perception of your company, and use it to attract new talent. Make sure the right people are involved in the interview process, and keep the process tight – organized, strategic and on-point. Expend effort and compensation to hire and retain top performers.

Remember: When it comes to finding and retaining the right people for your company, you need to discover them, understand them and evolve them.




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