BMW’s X4 Unveiled


BMW’s newest sports activity vehicle, the X4, which will be produced in Spartanburg for the world market, goes on display as a concept vehicle next week at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Descriptions and photos of the concept version of the new vehicle leaked out and are being reported in the trade and mass media. BMW then released photos and a narrative from its concept description on its website.

BMW is spending $900 million for a new production line for the X4 at its Greer plant in Spartanburg County, where it is building the X5, X6 and X3.

The buzz ahead of the China auto show comes perhaps as long as a year before the X4 is on the market. The company said it expects the new model to begin production and appear in showrooms “as early as 2014.”

In its description of the X4 concept, BMW said, “It takes no more than a first glance to see how smoothly the qualities of a BMW X model can blend with the genes of a BMW Coupe.”

The company said it expected the X4 “to continue the success of the BMW X6,” which is one of its most popular models. The company said X models account for one out of every four cars sold by BMW worldwide.



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