Canadian company to make strapping in Mauldin


A Canadian company that makes strapping for various industries is getting ready to open a new factory in Mauldin that will employ 100 people.

Called Caristrap, the 64-year-old, family-owned company makes cord strapping out of polyester yarn. It’s based in Laval, in the Canadian province of Quebec, and operates plants in Quebec and Croatia.

Now Caristrap is spending $5.5 million to launch production in a 32,000-square-foot building at 45 Brookfield Oaks Drive in Mauldin, said Tony Bianco, director of operations.

“Our equipment is on the way,” he said. “We should start getting some lines up and running in May. That’s the plan.”

Bianco said Caristrap decided to expand in the United States, where it already has customers, after its Quebec plant reached full capacity.

He said the company thought about building the U.S. plant in Mississippi, North Carolina, and New York, but South Carolina turned out to have the most organized industrial recruitment effort and offered the most attractive situation.

Bianco said so far he’s made one hire for the Mauldin plant, a quality manager, leaving 99 more jobs to fill.

The Mauldin facility will serve as Caristrap’s U.S. headquarters.



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