Canadian franchise PigOut Catering is within spitting distance of the Upstate


Rotisserie league


Canada-based PigOut Catering is looking to bring its franchise concept to the U.S. and is specifically looking at Greenville and the Upstate as one of its target markets.

The mobile catering business, which features a custom trailer and roaster – which can roast a whole pig in as little as three hours – currently has eight locations in southern Ontario and is looking to expand.

Owner Anne Dickson, who originally hails from Britain, recently completed the paperwork to begin offering franchises in the U.S. and is working now on getting the first one set up in Miami. Dickson said the Greenville market fits into the demographic they are looking for: a “year-round weekend destination market with lots of outdoor event opportunities.”


The franchise gives owners a business without the high fixed overhead, she said. The business appeals to chefs, caterers, outdoor cooking enthusiasts, event planners and others who want to own a “hands-on business with no cap on growth.”

It’s about $100,000 to buy into the franchise, and that includes a custom-designed trailer with a kitchenette or van with walk-in refrigeration and all of the kitchen equipment needed. Ongoing royalty fees are 5 percent along with a 3 percent marketing fee and online booking system fee of $100 per month.

Dickson’s husband designed the rotisserie equipment, which can not only roast a whole hog, but also 40 chickens or several turkeys at a time. “It’s the only technology in North America that can allow meat to cook so quickly as it’s constantly rotating and can cook at a higher temperature,” said Dickson. Training and getting set up takes about two months, and exclusive territories are being offered.


The ability to see the meat while it’s cooking through a smoke-free glass panel door makes the concept part of the entertainment of an event. Chefs also carve the meat in front of guests adding to the “wow” factor, Dickson said. “It’s all about the show.”

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High on the hog


$100,000 – cost of buying in to the PigOut Catering franchise

Includes custom-designed trailer or van and all kitchen equipment

5% – ongoing royalty fees

3% – marketing fee

$100/month – online booking system fee


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