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Greenville, SC
Thursday, August 16, 2018

Don S. Clardy elected to the board of the Greenville Estate...

Don S. Clardy / Robin Aiken / Amanda Thompson / Lawson Still / Alex Butterly

Keith Miller elected by the Greenville Chamber’s leadership to chair its...

Keith Miller / Harris J. Darver / Pamela Wilcoxson / Nika White / Tyler Morey / Alissa Ricci

Julie Alexander, Brittney Kessler, Rionne Ridgeway receive 2016 Lifetime Sales Achievement...

Will Hines // Caitlin Cullen // Brooke Ferguson // Laura Moats // Mark Land

Sherri Whittington named as director of operations for Mere Christianity Forum

Sherri Whittington // Sara Beth Trimble // Lindsay Long // Howard Mills // Brannan Hudson

Justin Roberson named as digital marketing specialist at FUEL Digital Marketing...

Justin Roberson / Charles Tegen / Harold F. Gallivan III / Chris Stover / H. Mill Gallivan

Richard Ritzman named director of financial aid at Clemson University.

Richard Ritzman / Christie Eller / Skip Brewer / Hailey C. Crocker / Darath Mackie / Liz Horton

Victor Gallas Named as engineering manager at tForm

Victor Gallas / Kim Perez / Brian L. Johnston / Kurt Schumacher / John T. Lay Jr. / Nicholas Graves

Mike Rogers named as director of operations with FinTrust Investment Advisors

Mike Rogers / Scotty Roberson / Kat Waycaster / Jason A. Gwardiak / Edward Wilson / Henry McGee

United Community Bank added Tommy DeMint, James Boccardo and Jeff Wilson...

Rey / Strayer / Surratt / Ballard / Schumacher / DeMint / Boccardo / Wilson

Suzanne Beam named as membership development specialist with the Spartanburg Area...

Suzanne Beam / Rusty N. Garret / Erika Byrd / Charles Verdin / Carter Little Meadors

Bryan Huber named as graphic designer with Infinity Marketing

Brian Huber / Jami Wood / Brooke Barlow / David Marlowe / Daniel Threlfall

Meagan Rethmeier named director of small business and entrepreneurial development with...

Rethmeier / Upton / Watkins / Lawson / Posada / Pettis

Krista Newkirk named as Converse College’s 10th president

Emily Clever / Victoria Fernandez/ Brooke Barlow / Emily Michko / Jeremy Stewart

Rebecca West named as chief operating officer at Greenville Water

Julia Bankert / Nisha Patel / Lenzi Waits / Shannon McKamey / Nicholas Graves / Rebecca West

Craig Purcell named chief revenue officer with Greenville Swamp Rabbits

Kyle A. Sox // Craig Purcell // Chris Bradley // George C. Shields // Courtney Mebane

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