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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dr. Richard J. Hawkins has retired

VIP Dr. Richard J. Hawkins At his retirement celebration, Dr. Richard J. Hawkins, founder of the Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas, was awarded the...

Inez Tenenbaum has joined Wyche, P.A.

Inez Tenenbaum / Will Cole / Dustin Morris / Jim Mazany / Tyler A. Tucker / Micah Peek

John T. Crawford Jr. appointed by Governor of South Carolina to...

John T. Crawford Jr./ Rajni Patel / Lance Bars / Melissa Goodwin / JB Schwiers / Kevin Crittendon

President Obama announces intent to nominate Furman University professor as member...

Brent F. Nelsen, Ph.D. / Pete Needham / Rosie Worten / Emanuel “Manny” Clark / Kelly Mendez-Scheib

Anthony Hermann named project geologist for HRP Associates Inc.

Anthony Hermann // Frank Elmore // Felecia Page // Frank Alarid // Cameron Keriazakos

Laryn Weaver named executive director of the Greenville Area Parkinson Society

Lauren Weaver // Brenda Brooks // Cyndi Luhrmann // Erin Churchill // Marne Franklin

Don S. Clardy elected to the board of the Greenville Estate...

Don S. Clardy / Robin Aiken / Amanda Thompson / Lawson Still / Alex Butterly

Keith Miller elected by the Greenville Chamber’s leadership to chair its...

Keith Miller / Harris J. Darver / Pamela Wilcoxson / Nika White / Tyler Morey / Alissa Ricci

Julie Alexander, Brittney Kessler, Rionne Ridgeway receive 2016 Lifetime Sales Achievement...

Will Hines // Caitlin Cullen // Brooke Ferguson // Laura Moats // Mark Land

Sherri Whittington named as director of operations for Mere Christianity Forum

Sherri Whittington // Sara Beth Trimble // Lindsay Long // Howard Mills // Brannan Hudson

Justin Roberson named as digital marketing specialist at FUEL Digital Marketing...

Justin Roberson / Charles Tegen / Harold F. Gallivan III / Chris Stover / H. Mill Gallivan

Richard Ritzman named director of financial aid at Clemson University.

Richard Ritzman / Christie Eller / Skip Brewer / Hailey C. Crocker / Darath Mackie / Liz Horton

Victor Gallas Named as engineering manager at tForm

Victor Gallas / Kim Perez / Brian L. Johnston / Kurt Schumacher / John T. Lay Jr. / Nicholas Graves

Mike Rogers named as director of operations with FinTrust Investment Advisors

Mike Rogers / Scotty Roberson / Kat Waycaster / Jason A. Gwardiak / Edward Wilson / Henry McGee

United Community Bank added Tommy DeMint, James Boccardo and Jeff Wilson...

Rey / Strayer / Surratt / Ballard / Schumacher / DeMint / Boccardo / Wilson

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