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Winners and Losers

Where did Trump’s Republican competitors go wrong in marketing their brands?

3M donates funds to GTC’s Center for Manufacturing Innovation

A $25,000 gift from 3M Greenville’s Community Vibrancy Fund will support the mechatronics program at Greenville Technical College’s (GTC) Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI).

Wilkins joins UCB board of directors

David Wilkins, a former speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives and U.S. ambassador to Canada, has joined United Community Banks’ board of directors.

Thanks for the wild ride

I’m not big on goodbyes, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. As some of you may already know, this was my last week with Community Journals.

Is it time to throw out your old business plan?

Meeting your customers’ changing needs may mean radical change for your business model

The best-kept secret in the Upstate

Haven’t heard of the SBDC? If you’re an entrepreneur, you should get to know them

One journalist’s homecoming

I’m joining the Greenville Journal and its sister publication, Upstate Business Journal, as senior business writer and couldn't be more pleased.

4 marketing principles for everyday businesses from the extraordinary world of...

The principles that are helping Trump rise also help other brands and corporations rise – I see it every day in my business.

To take Greenville to the next level, we’ll need a better...

Greenville needs to invest in technology in order to entice new business and new ideas. People want to move here and feel they are in a connected community.

A reporter’s – and a city’s – journey

With this issue, UBJ welcomes Trevor Anderson, a Spartanburg-based staff-writer

Who’s next?

If you’ve spent the time we hope you have with this week’s special issue of UBJ, you’ve learned something new about the seven winners of our annual Who’s Who awards – and been reminded again of what an impact they have had on the Upstate community.

Empower others through your efforts

United Community Bank as a whole places a large emphasis on being a good corporate citizen and giving back to the communities we are a part of to help make them better places to live and work.

Not just ‘another awards gig’

With connections made among leaders, Who’s Who continues to hit the mark

Huge branding lessons from Donald Trump

Here are two of the six marketing principles that are working for Mr. Trump and that work for businesses and brands everywhere.

Keeping an eye on the sign regulators

Starting a business in America and trying to grab your piece of the American Dream can be as easy as hanging a shingle.

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