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Pedestrian-centered design: the key to unlocking the value of dirt

The total cost of a real estate development project can, in its most simple form, be boiled down to three inputs: how much the land costs, how much the outside of the building costs, and how much the inside of the building costs.

A View from the Top

There’s nothing like a 200-foot climb to get perspective on downtown Spartanburg’s past and future

What’s keeping your company from diversity and inclusion?

Consider these four points which are designed to debunk the myths and illuminate the excuses that many organizations often are faced with.

How to Employ Your Kids

Save on taxes and secure your children's financial future.

How to ask a stranger to coffee

You’ll create significant lasting relationships when you start focusing on the quality and not the quantity of your connections. Now wake up, smell the coffee and invite someone to enjoy it with you. Here are three types of people you should target to build a more meaningful network.

Diversity and inclusion: the fuel that accelerates the nonprofit engine

While diversity is the mix of your team, inclusiveness is what brings the team together and propels it forward.

M&A Mid-Year Update

Despite declines, mergers and acquisitions remain strong in South Carolina

Stronger Together

Upstate Ten at the Top summit continues building regional partnerships

Winners and Losers

Where did Trump’s Republican competitors go wrong in marketing their brands?

3M donates funds to GTC’s Center for Manufacturing Innovation

A $25,000 gift from 3M Greenville’s Community Vibrancy Fund will support the mechatronics program at Greenville Technical College’s (GTC) Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI).

Wilkins joins UCB board of directors

David Wilkins, a former speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives and U.S. ambassador to Canada, has joined United Community Banks’ board of directors.

Greenville named 7th for returns on single-family rental properties

HomeUnion, an online residential real estate investment management firm, has named Greenville one of the 10-best markets for returns on single-family rental properties.

Thanks for the wild ride

I’m not big on goodbyes, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. As some of you may already know, this was my last week with Community Journals.

Is it time to throw out your old business plan?

Meeting your customers’ changing needs may mean radical change for your business model

The best-kept secret in the Upstate

Haven’t heard of the SBDC? If you’re an entrepreneur, you should get to know them

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