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Monday, February 19, 2018

4 marketing principles for everyday businesses from the extraordinary world of...

The principles that are helping Trump rise also help other brands and corporations rise – I see it every day in my business.

To take Greenville to the next level, we’ll need a better...

Greenville needs to invest in technology in order to entice new business and new ideas. People want to move here and feel they are in a connected community.

A reporter’s – and a city’s – journey

With this issue, UBJ welcomes Trevor Anderson, a Spartanburg-based staff-writer

Who’s next?

If you’ve spent the time we hope you have with this week’s special issue of UBJ, you’ve learned something new about the seven winners of our annual Who’s Who awards – and been reminded again of what an impact they have had on the Upstate community.

Empower others through your efforts

United Community Bank as a whole places a large emphasis on being a good corporate citizen and giving back to the communities we are a part of to help make them better places to live and work.

Not just ‘another awards gig’

With connections made among leaders, Who’s Who continues to hit the mark

Huge branding lessons from Donald Trump

Here are two of the six marketing principles that are working for Mr. Trump and that work for businesses and brands everywhere.

Keeping an eye on the sign regulators

Starting a business in America and trying to grab your piece of the American Dream can be as easy as hanging a shingle.

CJ’s new brand of journalism draws interest across the US, world

I am sitting on 92 legit job applications for a recent posting we had for a "modern-day" storyteller here at Community Journals. These people want to tell stories HERE, in the Upstate. We reached beyond what we thought we could grasp and found a lot of hands reaching back.

The self-made influencer rules social media

The average person has more leverage than ever when telling their story, but how can they do that and learn to succeed in business? That is where the idea of the self-made influence stems from.

It’s time to turn the roads debate

We’re 28 weeks into a 40-week legislative session and the people of South Carolina are still waiting for our leaders to take action.

Struggles with forward motion

Ashley Boncimino and other members of Leadership Greenville make the best of being trapped in a Statehouse elevator. Read this week's Upfront column.

Lack of competition at the root of rising drug costs

More than half of Americans surveyed for a recent Pew Trust analysis reported worrying about their finances during the past year and feeling financially insecure. Topping their list of worries was a lack of savings and not having enough money each month to pay the bills.

Court rulings could change your import-export strategy

Time to review your import-export strategy in light of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP), changes in IP protection and patent exhaustion cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

What’s Greenville’s pitch?

Every business needs an elevator pitch – that short, to-the-point, rock-solid and insightful 100 or so words that explain what the company does and why it is important. Creating a good one is not as easy as it should seem, and often takes a lot of refining.

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