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Monday, February 19, 2018

Clemson students develop cargo-carrying robot

The robot is equipped with sensors that are capable of tracking movement, allowing it to automatically follow a user as they walk to their destination.

What businesses should consider before jumping into the cloud

Every business has a toe in the cloud, with internet-based software and online services ranging from email to accounting as the most common starting points. For many, it is hard to let go of the comfort of knowing you've got your data in your office and under your control.

Blue Eye Soft Corp. expanding operations in Greenville County

The expansion is expected to create more than 120 new jobs over the next two to four years.

America Unmasked: Lessons learned from Equifax

I was planning this column based on the Equifax breach that affected 145.5 million people. And then Yahoo! slipped a tidbit into a busy news day, admitting that its 2013 breach exposed the personal information of all 3 billion of its customers. That’s just the most recent brick in the wall.

Computer Direct Outlet changes name, plans move to Haywood Road

“As we continued to provide more technology solutions, technology related services and innovative products, it made sense that we update our brand name."

What companies can learn from the DNC hack

In summer 2015, the spies of a foreign country gained access to a private company’s domain name – pick any company you like, or several, since we don’t know which ones or how many. And within those domains, they created false email accounts, booby-trapped web pages, and developed hidden conduits for stolen information.

Build a culture of security in your company by harnessing the...

Small-business owners often don’t believe they are of interest to hackers, but half of all small- to medium-sized businesses were hacked in 2016.

Communicating in a Crisis

What’s a crisis? Anything your customers decide.

Here’s disaster recovery lite for businesses that don’t have a plan

Most businesses don’t take the time to develop a complete disaster recovery plan. For those without a plan, here are a few key things you can do to recover if disaster hits.

GVL-based ScanSource returns to California with recent acquisitions

California is now home to more ScanSource employees than any other U.S. state except South Carolina.

You and your IT tech have parted ways– Now what?

Breaking up is hard to do– If you and your tech split, will you know where your website and your email are?

Former combat pilot’s drone business takes off

Brian Scott piloted attack helicopters for nearly a decade. But now the Greenville resident is flying from behind the screen of an iPad, not a cockpit.

Kopis buys Acumen IT’s ERP business

Greenville's Kopis can offer Microsoft’s cloud services since it is now designated a Microsoft Dynamics partner.

Acumen to focus on core business

Acumen IT recently sold its enterprise resource planning (ERP) division to Kopis to focus on managed technical services, IT security, and business intelligence.

ScanSource completes acquisition of POS Portal

Under the agreement, which was first announced in June, the all-cash transaction includes an initial purchase price of approximately $144.9 million.

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