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Social media: Don’t do it until you’ve answered these 3 questions

The past few years it’s been hard to avoid the hype around social media.

Developments in robotics dominate tech news this week

Are you ready for the robot revolution?

Unoptimized is your mobile site’s kryptonite

Do you remember the experience of going to a watered-down mobile site, not finding what you needed, and having to click on the "go to full site" button at the bottom?

How one local woman is working to close the tech industry’s...

Women Who Code is a nonprofit “dedicated to inspiring women to succeed in technology careers.”

Privacy rights and wrongs: Finger pointing and regulation won’t fix it

After three weeks of learning about the harvesting and manipulation of our personal information by Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, and last week's high-profile questioning of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the key takeaway seems to be the very disturbing realization that absolutely no one knows who is supposed to be protecting your privacy.

This local design firm is behind the visuals found in athletic...

In an effort to attract the best recruits, programs across the country have poured millions of dollars into constructing lavish, state-of-the-art athletics facilities.

A Q&A with Mark Johnson, founder of TiltMaps  

The online design tool allows people to create custom map posters to commemorate their “favorite city, birth place, first kiss, or any important place in time.”

With a focus on the latest technology, Rozelle Stone has set...

When John Rozelle began cutting stone in 1991, his operation was so primitive he sometimes jokes that he used to work in his bare feet.

Response options for businesses with sensitive data breaches

For even a small business, responding to a data breach can be a major expense and a costly distraction from managing the enterprise.

The takeaway from Cambridge Analytica: trust doesn’t cut it with third-party...

There's almost no way you don't know something about the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook snafu.

Trusting an intern with social media is like trusting a kid...

Often, I raise an eyebrow when I see a company or colleague hire a college intern to manage their social media.

Designing better messages

The best ideas often come to us from outside our own fields of practice, so recently I jumped at the opportunity to attend a day-long workshop with Greenville’s Design Thinkers Group.

How buying a website is like car shopping

In spending nearly two decades working with business owners and leaders, I often see some of the same stress I have when buying a car in their faces as I talk to them about their website.

The Spark: Happenings in Upstate Biz with Trevor Anderson

In a pond dominated by large tech giants, TPM Inc. might appear to be a small fish. But the Greenville-based enterprise has continued to punch above its weight with its focus on providing a depth of resources, innovation, and quality customer service.

Business Intelligence: The road is paved with data, data, data

If you’ve been in business for a cycle or two, you’ve already learned one crucial lesson: Studies and reports are where good ideas go to die.

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