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During presentations, the app is not the focus — you are

Since presentations seem to be a fact of business and academic life for the foreseeable future, it is time to rethink them. A better presentation — one that supports the presenter’s efforts to engage, inspire, educate, or sell the audience — is really just four steps away.

Iron Yard to close all 15 campuses

The Greenville-based company rapidly expanded over the course of four years.

CO-WORKING: Workspace for creatives opens in Hampton Station

On July 21, Hannah McKeel officially launches MEANT, a small-scale, curated co-working space and photography studio designed with creatives in mind.

Data points are everywhere, and you don’t need Big Data analytics...

We generally utilize about 10 percent of any application, service, or platform at our disposal — typically using only those functions that we see at the top layer.

How a Clemson student is helping Zipbuds prepare for the age...

In 2005, Ryan Heil's minor league baseball career ended with a broken spine. Now he's helping Zipbuds go wireless.

Our New AI Overlords

Nearly half of all workers in a recent survey fear losing their jobs to artificial intelligence systems. The future is closer than we think.

Michelin buys Atlanta tech company

Michelin has agreed to buy an Atlanta company that uses GPS technology to remotely track and manage fleets of small commercial vehicles.

There’s No App for This

The world is being changed by technology, and yet only a tiny percentage of the designers and developers of those changes are women. Pushing the needle requires a cultural change.

Group that spun out of Hitachi plant sees bright future

What’s left of the former plant’s product development team has continued designing -- and manufacturing -- in a building along Fairforest Way, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Local entrepreneurs revive popular Grok conference

“This isn’t your typical conference. It’s for people who are tired of events where they sit for hours and listen to speakers on stage.”

This Is the Big One

Last week’s massive global ransomware attack is making hundreds of thousands WannaCry.

Greenville Tech teaches students advanced manufacturing skills with new interactive exhibits

The Bridge to Learning aims to showcase advance manufacturing career opportunities to area middle and high school students.

Connecticut nonprofit willing to fund self-driving vehicle pilot in Greenville

The Global Autonomous Vehicle Partnership aims to hasten the adoption of computer-driven, or autonomous, vehicles, believing they will reduce traffic accidents and pollution and make the economy more efficient and productive.

Furman grads shut down Yik Yak, the once popular and controversial...

By December, the company had dropped out of the top-1,000 apps downloaded in the App Store and laid off 60 percent of its workers.

ICAR looks to Israel as it plans mobility incubator

The Clemson University research park in Greenville plans to launch a business incubator for “mobility” startups and is networking with Israeli firms as a first step.

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