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Phone Systems 101: Is it time to upgrade to 21st-century capabilities?

Throughout the 20th century, phones were the perfect technology: nearly indestructible, understandable to anyone who could reach the handset, and reliable at doing the one thing we asked them to do.

ECPI receives state, federal recognition for cyber defense education

S.C. Cyber is a statewide initiative that aims to “develop talent, techniques, and tools to defend the connected infrastructure within South Carolina and the United States."

Facebook teaches us yet again that technology is a tool, not...

Once again, Facebook can’t seem to get out of its own way. Some of its problems both known and new this week are of its own making, and some are just, well like your mom said, the company you keep.

Worst-case scenarios in cyberwarfare

Previous articles have focused on solutions to cybercrime corporate problems. But what would a catastrophic societal-wide cyber-issue look like, one that involves cyberwarfare.

Greenville-based Immedion expands again with data center acquisition

The company has acquired Data Cave, a data center in Indiana.

Facebook partners with Carolina Code School to fund coding boot camp...

The social networking giant announced on Wednesday that it will fund scholarships for 25 people to attend the Greenville-based coding school.

Green Cloud changes the game by educating next-gen MSPs on the...

When the founders of 7-year-old Green Cloud first started thinking of cloud infrastructure and services, they thought they would be late to the party.

A guide to IT support: what does your business need, and...

The last decade has turned the IT field on its head.

KeyMark is helping paper-heavy industries digitize their workflow

You may not understand what KeyMark does, but you’ll have no problem understanding how this company from Liberty has grown so rapidly.

Are you making these security mistakes with your smartphone?

By Rob DeHollander, managing principal, DeHollander & Janse Financial Group The first iPhone was released a little more than 11 years ago. It’s tough to remember...

Open innovation a driver in TTI’s business growth

There’s no doubt about the aim of Techtronics Industries (TTI), an Upstate company that designs and manufactures power equipment under the brands Ryobi, Ridgid, and Homelite.

Digital Gold: Greenville startup to open $10M data center for cryptocurrency...

The 25,000-square-foot data center will house the largest cryptocurrency mining operation in South Carolina, according to David Pence, co-founder of Treis Mining.

Facebook to hold Community Boost program at Greenville ONE Center

The program aims to provide the nation’s small businesses and workers with the digital skills they need to “compete in the new mobile economy," the social media giant said in a news release.

Social media: Don’t do it until you’ve answered these 3 questions

The past few years it’s been hard to avoid the hype around social media.

Developments in robotics dominate tech news this week

Are you ready for the robot revolution?

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