ChartSpan raises $2M to build Greenville teams


Greenville-based medical app company ChartSpan Medical Technologies announced raising $2 million in its second round of capital funding to build the firm’s engineering, distribution and marketing teams.

The company participated in The Iron Yard Digital Healthcare Accelerator in 2013, raising $1 million in post-accelerator funding and topping iTunes charts as one of the most downloaded medical apps in the country.

ChartSpan is an iPhone and iPad app that lets customers request, manage and send electronic health records. The app converts paper health care records to digital data with no manual entry and then extracts the data and populates each user’s electronic personal database.

The company will release an Android version within the next few weeks.


“We wanted to change the way patients access their medical data, and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” said ChartSpan CEO and cofounder Jon-Michial Carter in a news release. “We are moving the balance of patient data into the hands of consumers. We are excited about our future in Greenville.”

The company has added 17 jobs to the Greenville area since relocating from Texas, according to the release.


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