City planning board approves Habitat project in Sterling neighborhood


The city of Greenville’s Planning Commission approved Habitat for Humanity’s plans for a major subdivision on 1.6 acres in the Sterling neighborhood.

The property is on Jenkins Street, just west of Anderson Road. Approval of the project, on property originally owned by Christ Episcopal Church, is contingent on meeting planning staff conditions, including the new homes complying with single-family residential infill standards and trees being planted along existing and proposed street rights-of-way.

In addition, sidewalks with curb lawns must be installed along Jenkins Street, and the proposed Ferlee Reid Drive, along the entire property frontage.

Further, planning staff recommended relocating any stormwater management facilities away from public corners.

Habitat proposes to subdivide approximately 1.6 acres into a nine-lot subdivision.

Monroe Free, Habitat president in Greenville County, told the commission at its Jan. 19 meeting that Habitat is the developer but has multiple partners in the project, including the city. Christ Church remains a “major player,” Freee said.

“This is an important project in our city, especially right now as we talk so much about the need for affordable housing and the crisis situation that we face with affordable housing,” Free said. “This begins to address — only begins, but begins to address — that issue.”

No one appeared before the commission to oppose the project.

Six lots are proposed for single-family detached dwellings, ranging from about 4,100 to 7,100 square feet.

Two lots will be single-family attached dwellings. One will include one unit and approximately 3,700 square feet. The other is proposed for six units and approximately 13,500 square feet.

One lot will be a common area used for stormwater detention and maintained by Habitat.

The maximum density in the zoning district is 20 units per acre, or a maximum of 32 units for this development, according to a planning staff analysis.

As proposed, the subdivision will have a density of eight units an acre, or 13 total units.

Lot sizes on the north side of Jenkins Street average 0.25 acres, or 10,890 square feet, while lot sizes on the south side of the street are smaller on average, or approximately 0.10 acres or 4,356 square feet, and contain a mix of single-family attached and detached dwellings, planners said.

Primary access to the development will be via Ferlee Road Drive, a proposed 20-foot wide semi-circular street.

Top: Site plan rendering by Thomas & Hutton



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