Clemson MBA Students Win $30,000 In Startup Funding


CertusBank’s EnterPrize Awards recently presented $30,000 in startup funding to students from Clemson University’s MBA in Entrepreneurship program.

The winners were Even Skjervold and SouthYeast Labs in first place with the $20,000 prize; Darryl McCune’s nonprofit Community Bound in second-place with the $6,000 prize; and the third place of $4,000 went to Ryan DeMattia for his social media app Voice.

SouthYeast Labs captures wild yeasts from fruit, plants and such other objects as historic buildings. SouthYeast already serves more than 20 regional breweries, and the prize money will allow Skjervold to build a larger laboratory.

McCune’s Community Bound aims to equip the next generation with IT skills to help them obtain one of the projected 1.4 million IT jobs projected to be available in 2020. Community Bound has already taught IT skills to 800 students from Southside High School, who went on to win $10,000 in technology for their school. Community Bound plans to roll out additional summer camps and programs throughout the Southeast.

DeMattia’s Voice location-based app is designed to bridge the gap between large social media sites that keep a permanent record of users’ posts and those where users are anonymous.


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