Clemson Professor Honored By White House


Clemson University professor Dr. Rajendra Singh was recently honored by the White House as one of 10 “Champions of Change” for his four decades of work with solar energy.

Since receiving the award, Singh has been approached by groups that support green technology and other aspects of his research.

“It’s a great honor,” said Singh in a news release. “I have a challenge now. I want to use the awareness and opportunity to bring one of life’s very basic conveniences, electricity, to the remote corners of the world.”

Singh said the technology is available to bring electricity to the entire world in as little as five years, while lowering utility bills in the United States, but public policy would have to allow for a business model that works and integrating electrical components.

Singh focuses on solar power because fuel from the sun is free and hardware prices for solar power are falling faster than those for wind power.

Solar panel costs fell by 62 percent from 2011 to 2013. Singh proposes the use of “microgrids” for rural areas disconnected from main grids.

Additionally, solar panels generate direct current (DC) energy, which can be stored in batteries, capacitors and fuel cells, and run LED lights, televisions, battery-based hybrid and electric cars, and other consumer devices, said Singh in the release.



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