Clemson, SCRA to virtually connect innovation centers


CUSCRAClemson University and SCRA have announced a new collaboration that will virtually connect innovation centers across the state, with SCRA becoming the first South Carolina Founding Innovation Partner for the university’s Watt Family Innovation Center.

Through deployment of high-tech studios, the collaboration will enable and expand ultra-high-speed, virtual connectivity capabilities of the Watt Center with business, academic, government and economic development entities across South Carolina and the nation, the university said in a statement.

“We look forward to an increased level of collaboration with SCRA in order to foster innovation and bring new technologies to market,” said Clemson President James P. Clements. “This is a goal that Clemson shares with SCRA, and the Watt Family Innovation Center is designed as the place to make this happen.”

As the center’s second Founding Innovation Partner, SCRA will provide $3 million for new cross-discipline operations and sustainability for supporting extended network and operations, including equipment to establish virtual connectivity between the Watt Family Innovation Center, SCRA Innovation Centers and research universities in the state.

This commitment includes science and technology advancements, special projects and support for faculty, staff and students, curriculum and operations of the Watt Center.

“The immediate and comprehensive advancements to multi-party communications that these studios will provide will greatly contribute to and improve our state’s ‘knowledge economy,’” said SCRA CEO Bill Mahoney. “This collaboration will add value and users to the current health-care industry core that is using the SC LightRail high-speed research network.”



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