Company Spotlight: The Scarpetta Group


Expertly Crafted Custom Applications

As we enter our 10th year and with over 20 years of experience, we are proud to have completed countless custom applications for small businesses to international Fortune 500 companies. These projects have ranged from single iPad applications using FileMaker® Go to 100+ user management systems, customer management systems, health management systems, training systems, insurance solutions, custom PHP APIs and complex web applications. Our partner companies are in multiple industries: insurance, government, healthcare, financial, training, and many more.

All of these companies had similar qualities. They entered duplicate data into multiple systems that could not communicate with each other. Additionally, they were unable to share and have access to current information in real-time. All had a need to access information remotely and on multiple devices. Most importantly, they realized that their current processes and systems were holding them back and costing them time and money.

This is where our expertise comes in. We have a unique knack for understanding our partners’ needs and translating those requirements into solid business applications. We produce real, measurable results such as time savings on tasks, simpler processes, data organization, and ease of remote access on multiple devices. As a company, we provide all the services necessary to create these outcomes: project scoping, project management, software architecture, software development, web development, systems integrations and award-winning interface design.

How do we do it?

This is our passion. We love what we do. We accomplish these successes with strong project management, diverse skills, industry experience, and a team of industry experts who maintain certification in FileMaker. We keep up with technology and industry trends so we can provide the best ideas and solutions.

Why Custom Applications?

Right this minute you can find an application to solve a problem, whether it is on your phone, your laptop, or an online service. Most of these applications will partially meet your needs. Eventually, you may have several applications that are doing a bunch of things, solving a bunch of problems, but none of them completely solves your problem. Customizations are not always possible or and are often too restrictive.

These are signs that a custom application is what fits your needs. Imagine for a moment your business with a single application, one place to manage tasks, check up on a project, view a calendar, create an invoice and sync it to your accounting system. All of this — and more — is possible. Your custom application can run on the web, desktop, and on your mobile devices, with all connecting to the same core application. Your team will be really connected and sharing information with the workflows, just as you’d like.

In 2017 at the FileMaker Developer Conference, we won the FileMaker Excellence Award for Design on our core application Jarvis CRM™ (Customer, Business and Project Management).

The FileMaker 16 Platform gives us the power to honor our commitment to design while providing us with rich features for developing custom applications. Integrations to data APIs using JSON is now significantly simpler, allowing us to communicate with many systems. Accounting systems, email marketing, and phone systems are some of the most common.

How can we help your business?

1. Schedule a 1-hour free consultation with us in our office. Tell us your story. We’ll listen intently and discuss how our services can add value to your business.

2. Check out our product, Jarvis CRM. Jarvis was beautifully designed with all the core features needed for businesses. It is fully customizable and flexible enough to make your own. This is an amazing solution to get your data pulled together and get you up and running quickly.

3. If you already use FileMaker, we can provide an analysis of your system, help you upgrade it to the current version of FileMaker, review your FileMaker licenses, provide coaching, or help build on new components to an existing system.

The Scarpetta Group has the expertise to lead you in the right direction to build your custom application.


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