Complete guide to networking in Greenville

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In today’s career world, professional connections play an important role in helping you land your dream job. One of the best ways to establish these valuable relationships is to get out there and network. Fortunately, Greenville is full of amazing networking opportunities for a variety of career paths.

Take a look at our complete guide to networking in Greenville to learn how to start forming beneficial professional relationships.

Why Networking Events Are Important

Having a widespread network can give you access to career opportunities that don’t appear on job boards. According to, roughly 70 percent of jobs aren’t advertised online. Instead, companies fill these positions based on word-of-mouth recommendations. This means you’ll need to network in order to gain access to the majority of job openings. While you can form connections almost anywhere, networking events are the best place to get to know a variety of professionals in your desired career field.

How to Find Networking Events

Greenville is full of exciting networking opportunities. Joining a networking group is an easy way to discover and receive invites to events. is a great resource for finding groups in the Greenville area. It is important to join a group tailored to the career field you’re interested in joining. Many groups have monthly meetings that you can attend regularly to develop strong relationships over time. You’ll also want to make sure to check out our Business on Tap event. The next one is being held on March 27 at El Thrifty social club in Greenville.

How to Get the Most out of a Networking Event

Never go into a networking event without proper preparation. Employers are looking for responsible, prepared, and well-spoken people, so you should always have your elevator pitch ready before you walk through the door. An elevator pitch is a short speech that demonstrates your skills, abilities, and goals. While you’re at the event, take time to engage in meaningful conversations with a few specific people rather than rushing around the room trying to talk to everyone. Do your homework before you go and decide who you want to talk to before you walk in the door.

By following the advice in our complete guide to networking in Greenville, you’re sure to develop valuable professional connections in no time.


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