County Square development moves forward with more details from RocaPoint Partners

County Square
renderings by Wakefield Beasley & Associates

A movie theater, organic grocery store, three-story fitness facility, and national co-working space, totaling as much as 3.5 million square feet with additional hotel, retail, office, and residential use, are part of the updated County Square development plans presented to County Council May 29 by developer RocaPoint Partners.

Additionally, expanding on the success of the Swamp Rabbit Trail system, the 37.5-acre site will include trails connecting the development to the main arterial roadways.

The proposed 250,000-square-foot County Square building stepping from four stories at the front to six stories along Church Street will accommodate up to 1,000 employees. As the focal point of the project, it will also include plaza-level retail that would likely be a lunch spot and coffee shop. The civic plaza surrounding the building will be flanked by veterans’ memorial walls. View corridors from all main roads will lead to the County Square building, giving it prominence.

All of these details, including the proposed timeline and budget, which remains the same as presented a year ago, were part of a presentation by RocaPoint Partners principal Phil Mays and project manager Danielle Handy.

Mays said the new County Square building, though nearly 200,000 fewer square feet than the current one, will be a much more efficiently used space for the square footage.

The timeline RocaPoint gives for the project hinges on the County Square building:

2019 Finalize county building design.
2020 Building under construction.
2021 County offices move into new building; demo other county buildings.
2022 Install infrastructure for entirety of project.
2023-24 Begin selling off pads for development.

Mays said the modern glass building will provide a dramatic backdrop and create the value for the rest of the project and will be up for at least a year before other tenants come through.

He said a number of tenants across the country are interested in the site, but it’s too soon to name any of them, nor will construction begin on those additional components without tenant commitments.

“We wouldn’t be building a million square feet of spec office, let’s put it that way,” he said.

He also predicted it would take eight to 10 years before the site is totally stabilized.


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