Creating Culture: Be MORE than just a job


Employee engagementYou’ve likely heard about “culture,” but do you really know what it means and how to create the right culture for your business and your employees?

Today, the hiring process is more in-depth than simply providing a job description, salary and benefits. If you don’t have the right culture, you’re likely not bringing on board the right people. Hiring the right people is one of the key components needed to build a thriving team. You need to have the right people on board to accomplish the goals you have set and keep that bottom line growing.

Steve Jobs said, “The key to leading a successful organization is developing a team that enables members to contribute to the best of their ability. By surrounding yourself with smart and driven folks, who are able to be just that – smart and driven – you will develop a culture that yields a great deal of success.”

Now that you have the right people, it’s time to keep them engaged and committed to their goals. Allowing them to do what they do best, ultimately affects your company and what you do best. Develop those right people into being your compliment, not your likeness. All great companies should operate like a bicycle chain. Every link looks exactly the same and is as important as the next one. But if any one link is disengaged the bicycle cannot go forward. Disengaged employees can have the same effect on your business; breaking down communication, performance, productivity and profitability.

Job culture

By engaging your team, you improve culture and the overall experience within the workplace. You know you want it, so how do you get it?

  • Communication is Essential: No business can operate effectively without communicating with their employees (listening more than talking).
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: Recognize and reward your team for their work ethic, especially when it requires longer hours or extra measures to get the job done. When they know their sacrifice will be acknowledged, you create a culture of appreciation and they’re more likely to go that extra mile.
  • Promote Interaction: Create the physical space to allow your employees an opportunity to interact among each other, especially within different departments. Personal interaction leads to engagement and a sense of “belonging” to a bigger purpose. They’re now an active team player, not just someone riding the bench, being complacent.

Are you creating a culture where your people can thrive? Is engagement a top priority? If not, it needs to be. As former Campbell’s Soup CEO, Doug Conant, once said, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

Now is the time to take action. At E3, our mission is to create a game-plan for businesses to thrive by improving employee engagement and experience. We focus on the input of the employees, they matter! We take time to interview each employee, listen to their suggestions/ideas/concerns and format strategies that can generate engagement almost immediately. We realize there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer. We handle each company individually to assess the needs and best ways we can help you reach your goals.

Employee Engagement