Details announced for new Poinsett corridor Spinx station

Stewart Spinks opened the "BoJo," his first gas station and kiosk, in 1976 on the same site where the newest Spinx convenience store and gas station is currently under construction. Photo provided by Spinx.

Details have been announced about the newest Spinx store at the corner of Rutherford and Shaw streets that will sit on the same site as the Greenville-based company’s first gas station, which opened in 1976.

The new convenience store and gas station, which is currently under construction and planned to open at 625 Rutherford St. before the end of the year, sits on 5 acres purchased in December 2017 by Enigma Corp., a subsidiary of Spinx, from Orders Realty Co. Inc. for $2.8 million, according to Greenville County property records.

The redevelopment will include a 6,612-square-foot store with a fresh-to-order kitchen featuring Spinx’s fried chicken and new soft-serve ice cream and milkshake offerings. Outside, the station will feature eight fuel dispensers, and a 72-foot tunnel car wash.

With the car wash, Spinx is also rolling out a membership plan that will give members access to any of the company’s 48 car washes throughout the state for a monthly fee, ranging from $19.99-$34.99.

The renovated 10,000-square-foot Ballentine Food Service Equipment location at 105 Shaw St. also sits on the rear of the property. Ballentine leases the property from Enigma Corp.

When announcing the new location, founder Stewart Spinks recalled how the original kiosk and gas station, called “BoJo” then, took about a year to construct on the property owned by Orders Realty Co. Inc. and how he and an employee dug the holes for the tanks only a few feet from the street with a backhoe.

“The reason it took me so long was, literally, I didn’t have any money,” Spinks said.

He was able to scrape together a $33,000 loan for the original project.

“So I had to make $33,000 produce everything,” he said.

Now, in a total of 150-170 days, this largest and most technologically advanced Spinx location to date will be complete. Spinks declined to give a dollar amount for the project, saying it is “a lot.”

“This is where I started, and it’s so ironic that the property became available for me and affordable for me to buy it,” he says.

Doug Dent with Greenville Revitalization Corp. said the revitalization of the Poinsett corridor has been a priority for three years, and this project will give the area the boost it needs for continued redevelopment.

“It’s taken a while, but it’s finally happening,” he said. “Stewart’s project is just huge. It’s the gateway to the corridor.”

He said Greenville County is planning streetscaping nearby with central plantings and sidewalk lighting to help further improve the area.

“I can tell you this: In 1976 when we took an old Union Pure Oil station and built this, it enlivened the neighborhood,” Spinks said. “It’s like when we did it at East Washington Street. You’re going to every week, or more often, you’re going to buy gasoline, you’re going to buy something at a convenience store stop like this. This is going to be a big spirit lifter in the neighborhood. I’ve seen it happen when I remodel a store like at Academy and Pendleton.”


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