Duke’s mayo headed (way) south of the border


Greenville-born Duke’s mayonnaise is heading to South America.

The Richmond, Virginia-based C.F. Sauer Company has entered into an agreement with KB International to distribute its Duke’s mayonnaise products in Colombia as part of the company’s overall growth strategy for the Duke’s brand.

C.F. Sauer is a family-owned grocery products company that manufactures and sells mayonnaise, spices and extracts, both domestically and internationally.

KB International also is a family-owned company that sells grocery products in Colombia, Chile and Peru.

C.F. Sauer bought Duke’s mayonnaise, a signature spread of Eugenia Duke of Greenville, in 1929. It has been part of the company’s branded portfolio of products ever since.

The expansion is part of “our company’s overall growth strategy for the Duke’s brand,” according to Rob Davenport, C.F. Sauer’s manager of international business.

Shipments should begin by the end of this year or early 2017, he said.



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