Electrolux to move Frigidaire production to Anderson


Leading global appliance company Electrolux recently announced its $250 million investment to expand production at its refrigeration facility in Anderson.

Electrolux employs 2,000 people at the Anderson plant, making it one of the county’s largest employers. As of now, jobs will not be added as a result of this expansion, but the production in the Anderson plant will increase.

Electrolux plans to expand production and warehousing space by 800,000 square feet. Construction began in 2017 and should be completed in 2019. The Anderson plant is located at 101 Masters Blvd.

Electrolux also announced its $250 million expansion of manufacturing in Springfield, Tenn., which includes a new line of cooking products. Construction for the expansion will begin late 2018 and should be completed in 2020. The plant will have an added 400,000 square feet after construction.

The two investments in Anderson and Springfield are part of Electrolux’s plan to increase its level of capital expenditure investments to drive targeted growth in North America and Latin America.

Due to the consolidation into Anderson, the production at Electrolux’s St. Cloud, Minn., facility will cease.

“We are committed to the Frigidaire brand, our U.S. manufacturing base, and are investing approximately $500 million in our business’ growth areas while also simplifying our operations,” said Alan Shaw, head of Electrolux Major Appliances North America. “This is a difficult announcement for our Minnesota teammates. We are committed to supporting them and are announcing this two years in advance to provide transition time.”



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