Ellipsis Technologies releases app to combat form spam

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Ellipses Technologies, a Greenville-based web security company, has released a new Shopify app to help online retailers combat form spam.

The app, called Shop Protector, allows websites to automatically detect human visitors and block unwanted traffic from bots, reducing the need for Turing tests – those codes, math problems, and puzzles that people must solve to prove they are human.

“We developed the Shop Protector technology to solve the problems that our e-commerce clients had experienced using traditional techniques to detect bot traffic,” said Bill West, CEO of Ellipsis Technologies.

Bots are computer programs designed by humans to perform automated tasks on the internet. Search engines like Google, for instance, use bots to catalog information from websites. But hackers also use bots to perform malicious acts on the internet, from stealing credit card numbers from an online store to crashing entire servers.

Many websites use Turing tests to combat malicious bots, West said. But the tests can frustrate customers and lead to lost sales. In fact, 3 percent of internet users log off immediately when they encounter a Turing test.

Shop Protector, however, uses “proprietary algorithmic models” to identify and block malicious bot activity on a website within milliseconds, allowing human visitors to proceed without interference from Turing tests.

“Our approach is unique in that it focuses on modeling human behaviors, rather than just spotting bot markers to clearly identify a human presence on the site,” said West. “With the Shop Protector solution, we can greatly improve the user experience for human online shoppers by invisibly detecting spambots and other malicious bots while eliminating the need to subject human site visitors to validation testing of any kind.”

For more information, visit ellipsistech.io.



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