Empower others through your efforts


By Sam Erwin, Regional President and CEO – South Carolina, United Community Bank


In just one generation, Greenville has transformed into a thriving, modern community. This activity is seen in the electric atmosphere downtown on Main Street and in the workshops and laboratories at CU-ICAR. It is seen in the energy among the students at The Iron Yard and on the faces of people biking on the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is proven by the increase in manufacturing production and explosive real estate development.

This activity and growth is not by accident. It is the result of coordinated efforts of community members who are consistently innovating, collaborating and pushing forward to make Greenville the best place it can be. These individuals are leading the charge to improve and grow our Upstate business community, and their work has a plethora of positive ripple effects.

While business drives this community financially, Greenville would not be the place it is without civic and philanthropic growth and improvement. And fortunately, in this community, our business leaders understand that partnership and frequently wear many hats as both business executive and community advocate.

At United Community Bank, we also value community involvement. As a community bank, we work hard every day to serve our customers and personally help them with both routine banking needs and unique financial objectives. Additionally, many members of our team are involved in organizations outside of the bank that have significant community impact, including the Peace Center, Artisphere, Greenville Health System, the Greenville Tech Foundation and the United Way.

United Community Bank as a whole places a large emphasis on being a good corporate citizen and giving back to the communities we are a part of to help make them better places to live and work. In Greenville, we do this by partnering with organizations and projects that reflect our value of quality service, family and community growth. This includes being the title sponsor of two of the Upstate’s most treasured traditions, Ice on Main and a recently announced sponsorship of the Antiques, Fine Art & Design Weekend at the Greenville County Museum of Art. We have also been proud to partner with Greenville Technical College to sponsor the Workforce Development Salute and provide funds for valuable scholarships.

The leaders who take on these dual roles not only impact the economic development in the community but serve as an inspiration to the community as to what is possible through collaboration. There is no better example of this brilliant leadership than Minor Shaw, the 2016 Legend award recipient. Through her inspiring leadership, Minor has contributed to the growth and transformation of the Upstate in countless ways. She is an accomplished businesswoman as president of Micco LLC. But her civic leadership has contributed to incredible growth in all aspects of the community.

Minor serves as chair of the Daniel-Mickel Foundation, the Duke Endowment and the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Commission. She is a board member of several valuable organizations and businesses, including the Hollingsworth Funds, South Carolina ETV Communications, Piedmont Natural Gas, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina and the Columbia Funds. She has given of her time generously, previously serving as chairman of the Community Foundation of Greenville, the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, the Junior League of Greenville, the Urban League of the Upstate and the YMCA of Greenville.

As she has effected real, positive change in all of these roles, Minor truly has empowered those around her to make our community better. By setting such a stellar example, she encourages others to take charge of their future and the future of this community by focusing on their aspirations, setting goals and taking steps to reach them. Her influence will extend into future generations, a true Legend of the Upstate community.

We applaud this year’s Who’s Who award winners not just for their significant accomplishments but for the energy that they inspire throughout the rest of the community. We are grateful for the commitment made by so many smart, dedicated people to making Greenville the best it can be.


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