Escape room pitched for team-building


Upstate companies have a new option in finding a venue for team-building exercises: an “escape room” at an indoor go-kart track that’s focused on a local NASCAR legend.

Companies such as Michelin and BMW have already turned to LeMans Karting on Roper Mountain Road for team-building fun, according to Rick Gaan, owner of the entertainment business.

Now Gaan is pitching a new offering in alliance with Kim Rutherford, owner of Escape Artist Greenville, an entertainment business on Stone Avenue that offers a kind of amusement known as an “escape room.”

In an escape room, players must cooperate to “escape” a room before time runs out, solving puzzles, cracking codes, finding hidden items.

Gaan and Rutherford have installed a new escape experience at LeMans Karting in which two to 10 players pretend to be pit crew members searching for the lucky helmet of Cotton Owens, a Union native in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Gaan said the combination of an escape room with European-style go-kart racing represents the “ultimate team-building experience,” giving corporate clients the option of choosing one of the amusements or both.

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