Five ways a mobile app can grow your customer base and up-sell existing customers

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By Keith Shields, CEO, Designli

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase sales and grow your customer base. And one proven way to boost your business’ success is by generating a bigger bottom line. An often overlooked way to up-sell existing customers and gain new ones is to offer a mobile app. Apps aren’t just for big brands like Amazon and Starbucks. Many types of businesses can benefit from a mobile app. Here are five ways you can increase your revenue with a mobile app.

1. Make purchasing more convenient

The most obvious benefit of a mobile app is that it makes purchasing more convenient for your customers. In this modern world where life is busy, saving time is increasingly valuable and can push you ahead of your top competitors in your customers’ minds.

For instance, restaurants and coffee shops can give their customers the ability to place orders and pay ahead for faster pickup. Retail companies can allow customers to shop from their mobile phones at their convenience and pick up right where they left off when interrupted by daily events. And fitness businesses like yoga studios and gyms can allow their customers to book and manage their reserved classes from their phones.

2. Promote your loyalty program

Research shows that, on average, businesses that offer a loyalty program do over 20% more in sales than businesses that don’t. A well-conceived loyalty program that offers benefits your customers truly value will deliver even greater results.

Your loyalty program may offer rewards for frequent purchases or for referring friends. “Gamification” techniques like incentivizing customers to work their way up through tiered achievement levels can draw more participation — customers can level up by taking various actions like posting about your business or their purchases on social media. Your loyalty program is limited only by your imagination. To get the best results, talk to your customers to find out what they’d value in a program.

3. Boost engagement

A mobile app also makes engaging with your business easier. Customers will value being able to quickly open your app if they have questions or if they want to grab their referral code for a friend.

Another benefit is the ability to send push notifications to reach customers that opt-in with offers, promotions, and helpful tips. And push notifications are popular. On average, 59% of Android users and 40% of iOS users opt in to push notifications. You can increase your push notification effectiveness with a strategy based on your customers’ needs and desires.

4. Enhance your customer service experience

“Customer-centered” is a business buzzword. If you Google “customer-centered strategy,” you’ll find 43,900,000 results. But this concept is popular for good reason — it works to grow businesses. One of the best ways to breeze by your competition is to provide top-notch customer service.

A mobile app can help you offer a better customer experience. You can give answers to common questions right from your customers’ pockets. Beyond a searchable FAQ, you can allow your customers to reach out at their convenience with specific issues that require more help. A live chat feature gives customers who are averse to phone calls an alternative way to get quick answers. Chatbots can even handle most of the work and connect your customers to a real-life representative further along in the process.

5. Stay top-of-mind

If your customers have your app on their phones, they’re going to see it regularly and be reminded of your business. We all know how we pull out our phones every chance we get. Simply staying top-of-mind is one of the biggest challenges businesses face due to the myriad daily demands on customers’ attention. A mobile app can help you stay in your customers’ awareness.

Mobile apps offer various ways to save your customers time and make doing business with you more convenient. Apps are a clear path to more engaged and loyal customers, and they entice prospective customers who may have otherwise chosen a competitor. For many businesses, apps are a key component of a revenue-generating strategy.


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