Former Blinds America on Laurens Road building to be redeveloped


The 4,700-square-foot former Blinds America building at 1411 Laurens Road, Greenville, is next in line for an overhaul along the redeveloping Laurens Road corridor.

Bill Burgess, principal and founder of The Burgess Company, is the developer of the single building with the noticeable red awnings that will be turned into a multi-tenant strip.

“With reinvigoration of Laurens Road, expansion of the [Greenville Health system] Swamp Rabbit Trail, proximity to downtown, the property is supremely located,” Burgess says. “It is easy to notice the improvement when you start with the ugliest building on the street to make it attractive.”

Proposed suites include two at approximately 1,200 square feet, one at 1,400, and the smallest at 480. Listed leasing rate is $21 triple net.

Mark Godfrey with LMG Architects is the architect on the project, which will include raising parts of the roof, replacing the roof, gutting the inside to the studs, and a new exterior.

Burgess Company associate Grayson Burgess says Godfrey was chosen because of his work on the nearby Kitchen Sync redesign in order to maintain a similar aesthetic along Laurens Road.

“Specializing in the Laurens Road/Stone Avenue corridors, I had been actively looking for opportunities for a client, so when we found the opportunity at 1411 Laurens, we knew we wanted to do something there,” Grayson Burgess says. “With its highly visible location and close proximity to the [Swamp Rabbit Trail] extension, it seemed like an excellent location. We have been told by many to just tear the building down and start over, but we want to preserve the original bones of the building and build on that.”

Permits have been submitted to the city, and completion of the renovations is expected in May or June.


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