Former South Carolina governor honored with lifetime achievement award

Dick Riley
Photo by Will Crooks/Upstate Business Journal.

Richard Riley, governor of South Carolina from 1979-1987, was given the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from The American Lawyer, a national law magazine that has named a recipient for the award for the past 15 years.

Nelson Mullins, a law firm in which Riley is a senior partner, made the announcement.

The award honors “men and women who have had extraordinary careers at some of the country’s most prominent law firms and other legal institutions, and whose public service contributions have had far-reaching impact,” according to the statement.

Riley also served as the U.S. secretary of education from 1992-2001.

The statement said Riley is being honored for his wide-ranging impacts on education.

As governor, Riley initiated the Education Improvement Act, which provided sales tax revenue for several education programs in the state.

He will be recognized at a ceremony in December with several other honorees.


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