GE Wins $2.7B Deal for Greenville Turbines


General Electric announced Monday that it won three contracts totaling $2.7 billion, most of which is for gas turbines produced in Greenville.

The 9F-3 gas turbines will be manufactured at GE’s Greenville facility, while steam turbines and generators that are also part of the deal will be built in Schenectady, N.Y. The gas and steam turbines and generators are valued at $1.9 billion and will go to six new combined-cycle power plants that aim to boost Algeria’s generating capacity by 70 percent and add eight gigawatts of power by 2017, GE said in a news release.

The turbines will be purchased by an affiliate of Algeria’s national electricity and gas company. That country’s energy needs are expected to double by the end of the decade.

GE said the contracts were among the largest in its history. Despite its overall significance, however, the project will not bring any changes at the Greenville plant.

“We expect that the turbines will be manufactured with the current workforce and current facilities,” said Susan Waldron, a GE spokeswoman.

Production has already begun, and the first turbine is expected to ship to Algeria by the end of the year. Production will continue into next year and all 26 turbines should be completed and shipped from Greenville by the end of 2014.

Waldron said other significant projects that have come through the GE plant include the production of 22 9E gas turbines for Iraq in 2008, and 30 7EA gas turbines for Saudi Arabia in 2009.

[photo cutline: GE workers in Greenville will manufacture 26 massive heavy-duty 9F-3 gas turbines bound for Algeria. The turbines are similar to the machine shown above in half shell.]


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