Lighting up pools in the Upstate

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Whether it’s a rooftop pool hundreds of feet high or the focal point of your backyard, every pool deserves to be shown in its best light — literally.

For years, Genco Pools has been lighting up pools around the Upstate to make any outdoor experience a lively one. With the emergence of LED lighting, Genco has led the way in quality, durability and customization in new and existing pools around the Greenville area.

Todd Edwards, director of sales and business development at Genco, says LED lighting has revolutionized the pool industry in recent years.

“We’ve made LED lighting a part of our green-friendly pool model for a number of years,” he says. “We’ve been a leader in our marketplace by providing the most energy-efficient and durable lighting.”

Genco’s pools are fitted with lighting that lasts, meaning customers can spend more time for splashing around in their pools and less time changing pesky bulbs in and around their pools. Cutting down on energy usage also cuts down on utility bills, as do variable-speed pumps and other features that allow many customers to receive rebates from utility companies.

LED lighting is replacing incandescent lights, which pose safety risks when they are subjected to underwater leaks. The new lights are also more sustainable and allow the user to create landscapes that were not possible with incandescent lights. Now, customers can customize the lighting in and around their pools to perfectly match the setting

“We have the ability to light pools, water features, pathways, waterfalls and pretty much any accent lighting people want,” Edwards says, noting that light can be transmitted through water features to add a whole new dimension to a pool.

The smaller, brighter lights allow Genco to install more lights with more features, and the lower cost allows pool owners to create their own personal getaways in their backyards.

Zone lighting invites pool owners to create customizable themes for various occasions. Paired with OmniLogic technology from Hayward, pool settings can be transformed with the click of a button — or even a voice command.

“We can create schemes that feature red, white and blue for the Fourth of July or accent lighting for a quiet evening by the spa,” Edwards says.

The newest LED lighting even allows customers to create strobe shows in their pools.

Genco is responsible for one of the most innovative pools in the Upstate, at Falls Park Place Condominiums, where the rooftop pool lights up the downtown sky at night. With LED lights in and around the pool, the rooftop serves as a breathtaking setting for any occasion.

Genco’s LED lighting — which reduces the impact on the environment and saves customers time and money on repair costs — is an essential part of commercial and backyard pools. Trusted to install pools of the utmost quality for years, Genco wants to help customers make their pools shine — in whatever way they’d like.

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