GoSpiro graduates 12


The GoSpiro Program graduated 12 participants from its eight-session, 16-week program this month. Formerly known as SEED, the certificate program of Clemson University focuses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners in the small to mid-size business space use their existing experience to bolster and build their businesses.

“The GoSpiro Program fills the need of the small to mid-sized business that is looking for business school experience as applied by professional industry leaders,” said Doug Kim, facilitator of the program. “This year’s graduates made marked improvement in their business acumen throughout the program. For example, one of the participants, using the skills gained in the program, landed a $400K project that he says was a direct result from the knowledge and tools that he learned.”




Michael Middleton, M3 Partners, LLC & White Top Aviation

Corey Dewar, 3D Advisory Group

Jackson Turner, First Sun Management Inc.

Kenneth Reid, Grove Builders Inc.

Karlton Bruns, Deeco Metals Inc.

Shaun Barrett, engineer at General Electric

Jehan Azad, American Sand Products LLC

Herb O’Connell, TAG Builders LLC

Jim Curtis, VariBlend Dual Dispensing Systems LLC

JT Lee, Bermuda Triangle Scuba Shop

Darren Poe and Bruce Rowland, Carolina Vapor Mill LLC



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