Grant winners to purchase Proterra buses


Six of the 10 recent Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5312 grant winners will use their funds to purchase Proterra EV buses and charging stations, Proterra announced.

Proterra plans to sell 28 battery-electric buses and seven charging stations as a result of the grants.

Three new customers include Dallas Area Rapid Transit, which will receive seven buses and two chargers; Duluth Transit Authority, which will receive six buses and one charger; and Transit Authority of Lexington, which will receive five buses and one charger.

Current Proterra customers using the grants to expand their fleets include San Joaquin Regional Transit District, which will receive buses and one charger; Transit Authority of River City, which will receive five buses and one charger; and Worcester Regional Transit Authority, which will receive one charger.

Delivery of the new buses is expected to begin in early 2016.

“We are extremely pleased with the growing number of U.S. cities that have selected Proterra as their partner in eliminating fossil fuels from their transit operations. This announcement further strengthens Proterra’s EV market leadership,” Matt Horton, Proterra’s vice president of sales, said in a release. “We also applaud the strong leadership of the Federal Transit Administration in continuing to support American innovation.”



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