Greenlink to test Proterra bus


Greenlink, Greenville’s bus service, is planning to test a Proterra bus as part of an ongoing effort to include a battery-powered bus in its fleet.

Greenlink plans to carry passengers in the Proterra bus on one of its routes on June 22 and 23, said Gary Shepard, director of the bus service.

He said data gathered during the experiment would strengthen an application for federal funds that Greenlink intends to make by a June 26 deadline.

The bus service will apply for some of up to $55 million that the Federal Transit Administration is making available to help transit agencies deploy low-emission or no-emission vehicles.

Greenlink already has $300,000 from the state Legislature to use as a local match for federal funds.

Proterra is a California-based manufacturer of battery-powered buses whose main factory is located along Interstate 85 in Greenville.

Company spokesman Steven Brewster said the test runs in Greenville will further prove Proterra’s technology and help it learn even more about customer needs.

“We’re open to doing more in the future, given the success of this collaboration,” Brewster said.

The Clemson area’s bus service, called Catbus, already operates six electric buses in Seneca that were made by Proterra in Greenville. In addition, Catbus recently secured nearly $4 million in federal funds to buy seven more electric buses.



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