Greenville to add criteria for Conditional Use Permits


New criteria added for Conditional Use Permits passed first reading approval this week by Greenville City Council. A Conditional Use Permit is required by the city when “a business or other use is allowed only upon Planning Staff determining that certain conditions have been met.”

The new conditions, which are part of the Land Management Ordinance, will give the city the authority to impose “conditions on a Conditional Use Permit intended to mitigate any negative impacts of the use on surrounding properties,” according to the ordinance.

The new conditions would actually make it a little easier to do business in the city of Greenville, said Michael Kerski, city planning manager. For example, kennels and research and development are not allowed in C4 zoning areas. With the changes to the ordinance, those uses could be allowed under a conditional use permit in those areas.

This gives the city a mechanism to use that is broader and all encompassing, Kerski said. New conditions of the ordinance in both general and service and industrial uses include:

  • Volume and type of sales and items sold on the premises
  • Any processing done on the premises
  • Nature and location of storage and outdoor display merchandise
  • Type, size and nature of building and structures
  • Number and density of employees
  • Transportation requirements
  • Parking requirements
  • Amount and nature of any nuisances generated on the permises
  • Any special public utility requirements
  • Impact on adjacent properties


In March, the Planning Commission held a public hearing and recommended approval of the changes and sent them to City Council.

City Council will hold a second reading of the ordinance sometime in May.



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