Greenville-based VisioStack to partner with U.S. Department of Transportation

3-D Highway-Rail Crossing Mesh, Provided

Greenville-based VisioStack was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project from the U.S. Department of Transportation earlier this month. The last time a South Carolina company received a U.S. DOT SBIR was 1996, according to a VisioStack press release.

VisioStack’s proposal is ‘Aerial Crossing Inspection System (AXIS)’

What is AXIS? 

AXIS is a highway-rail grade crossing inspection system that uses unmanned aerial vehicles and machine learning for inspections.

Inspections produce a 3D mesh of a railroad crossing that will be analyzed to determine a risk profile based on number variables including line of sight and changes in elevation.

VisioStack provides enterprise data management and business intelligence services that focus on improving operational maintenance.


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