GSP 360 Aimed at Airport Development Opportunities


Last week GSP airport officials announced GSP 360, a new website and marketing effort designed to get the word out about surrounding tracts of land that are prime development opportunities.

The initiative is the result of a study completed by the airport in 2012 on land use planning and development. The study identified nine tracts of land, approximately 2,000 acres, which are located close to the airport and are available now.

Each tract is ideally situated in close proximity to GSP International Airport, Interstate 85 and Interstate 26. Extensive rail service will be enhanced by the presence of the South Carolina Inland Port. Air cargo services, utilizing the airport’s 11,000-foot runway, are also well-established and poised to add capacity as both the Inland Port and GSP 360 increase demand.

“There are very few airports in the country that can put all of those elements together,” said Kevin Howell, vice president and chief operating officer of GSP Airport.

On the website, each of the nine tracts has been given a letter, A through I, and has been identified by how the land would best be used; Aviation, Logistics/Distribution, Office, Retail, Industrial, Service, Hospitality, or Recreation/Public. Designations were given based on location, proximity to the airport, topography and land use types.

Tracts range from 60 to 700 acres with the largest site best suited for a large industrial-type use. Howell plans to meet with local economic groups, and he and his staff plan to have one-on-one meetings with developers and industry trade groups. “The goal of GSP360 is to get the word out that GSP is open for business,” he said.

Howell said the first project on tract H is underway and will be a 450,000-square-foot distribution facility, but he wouldn’t name the tenant. “They aren’t ready to make a public announcement yet,” he said.

The combination of all of the different transportation modes together makes these properties very appealing, Howell said, adding that there has been quite a bit of interest so far but no further deals have been inked.

“GSP has a place for businesses. We’re expanding beyond the terminal,” said Howell.

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