GSP prepares for landing of Project WINGSPAN, unveils centralized TSA checkpoint


Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport will soon touch down on its four-year, $125 million main terminal renovation, Project WINGSPAN.

On Monday, the airport unveiled a new centralized Transportation Security Administration checkpoint set to open Tuesday night.

GSP spokeswoman Rosylin Weston said the checkpoint’s completion leaves one final addition to the terminal’s core—a grand hall that will include new dining and retail options.

“We are circling for a landing,” she said. “We’re really excited about this milestone.”

Weston said passengers flying out of Concourse A, which includes all non-Delta flyers, will begin using the checkpoint Tuesday evening. Customers using Concourse B, Delta flyers only, will begin using it Wednesday.

The airport previously utilized separate TSA screening sites for each concourse.


A centralized checkpoint will enable passengers to move freely between concourses A and B when the grand hall is complete in October, Weston said.

That means customers will be able to enjoy food, beverage and retail amenities on both sides of the grand hall, she said.

“Say a customer is flying out of Concourse A, but they want to try RJ Rockers, or they’re flying out of Concourse B and they want to try Thomas Creek,” Weston said. “Now they can go to either.”

Weston said she anticipates the airport will host a grand opening to celebrate the project’s completion in November.

“We are in the home stretch,” said Dave Edwards, president and CEO of GSP. “Centralized screening is monumental. It’s a key milestone that will help us get across the goal line.”

WINGSPAN began in 2012 with the relocation of GSP’s Rental Car Customer Center.

The project’s first phase included an expansion of restrooms and concession on both concourses, including RJ Rockers Flight Room and later the Thomas Creek Grill.

In 2013, the project entered a second phase aimed at transforming the exterior of the main terminal building and providing needed improvements inside. That work included new baggage claim carousels, a curbside canopy, covered walkways to parking garages and a new glass façade.


The following year, airport officials unveiled Flatwood Grill, an eatery named in honor of the farming community that once occupied GSP’s property.

In July 2015, GSP unveiled a new $2.7 million, 11,400-square-foot home for its facilities department, although that facility was not part of WINGSPAN.

GSP announced in April world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck would open his restaurant concept The Kitchen in October in the grand hall.

The airport is also considering purchasing battery-powered pod cars to convey passengers from the parking lot to the main terminals.

Airport officials said the GSP is funding 80 percent of the renovation costs under WINGSPAN, while 20 percent are from federal resources.

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