GSP seeing record passenger traffic


Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport announced Thursday it has reached a milestone that could be evidence that the efforts to improve its service are paying off.

The airport said its annual number of departures cracked the 1 million passenger mark in May — the first time in GSP’s 54-year history — and remained above that level in June and July.

“We’ve been seeing solid growth trends from our airline partners and so this major milestone is great news for the region and the airport,” said Dave Edwards, president and CEO of GSP, in a statement. “It’s an indication that the GSP Airport District and its airline partners are delivering the right environment with the right service at the right price.”

According to GSP, the airport’s passenger traffic, including both departures and arrivals, increased 2.3 percent in 2015.

In June, passenger traffic at the airport increased about 1 percent to 174,465 flyers, compared to 172,977 during the same month a year ago. It was the 12th consecutive month of increase in GSP’s business.

The airport is nearing completion of its $125 million main terminal renovation project WINGSPAN. Since the beginning of the summer travel season, GSP has opened a new ticketing lobby, a centralized passenger screening checkpoint and automated exit lanes.

Construction of the second floor grand hall and airside continues, but should be wrapped up before the end of the year. The work will include the addition of several dining and retail amenities for passengers.

GSP spokesperson Rosylin Weston said the airport is hopeful traffic will remain high.

She said airport leaders believe the trend is the result of a combination of factors that include more flights at competitive prices to the destinations that are in demand.

“In an ideal world that number would stay above 1 million,” Weston said. “We hope this trend will continue. What this number represents is that people who consider GSP their airport of choice are, in fact, flying out of GSP… Passengers are thinking GSP first. We can’t even get into the game if people just write us off.”

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