Hump Day Hyperlinks


Here’s a sampling of what’s circulated the UBJ office this week:

1. In praise of laziness: Businesspeople would be better off if they did less and thought more [via The Economist]

In the age of Googled research, telepresenced meetings, and smart phones that run our color-coded calendars, multiple e-mail accounts and a plethora of productivity apps (Wunderlist is a favorite), why does everyone seem to work more hours?

Because research shows we actually aren’t being more efficient–and especially not creative.

2. Happy Hour [via Chicago Grid]

A saucy digital concept for a modern business publication, the Happy Hour series succeeds in showcasing the personalities and professional counsel of Chicago’s most interesting local entrepreneurs.

Is this something you would like to see done in our community?

3. 5 reasons mobile will disrupt journalism like the internet did a year ago [via Poynter]

Tech companies–Google, Facebook and Yahoo, to name a few–have adopted a “mobile-first” mentality, and this article points out it’s a good idea for news organizations to model their digital strategies after what the techies are doing.

We built with a “mobile-first, desktop too” strategy that informed the entire design. Our site’s responsive component will launch in the next week, when you will notice our content precisely tailored to whatever mobile device you may use to access it.

4. Test your social intelligence [via Harvard University]

Do you work closely with others, particularly in teams? Does your job require team-based problem solving? Then take this fun test (and get your team members to take it, too).

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.07.58 AM

Not to brag, but…

“Recent research published in Science in 2010 demonstrated that there is a link between how well team members perform on this test and how well the team performs on complex problem solving tasks. In fact, the overall ‘social intelligence’ (or ‘collective intelligence’ as it is referred to in the paper) was more than five times more important to the team success than the average IQ of the team members.”

Leave your scores in the comments below!

5. Why a gold iPhone 5S actually makes sense [via Gizmodo]

The gold iPhone rumors have been confirmed (though not by Apple directly).Will you buy one?

It actually doesn’t really matter: “The gold iPhone, if it exists, is Apple’s love letter to China…It’s not for you. It’s for Apple, and its best chance at domination in one of the only parts of the world that’s managed to spurn its advances so far.”

6. “It’s Hump Day. Whoop whoop!” [commercial via Geico Insurance on YouTube; link to Adweek review]

Lastly, nothing beats an insurance commercial that’s successfully amusing (Is that caveman campaign extinct yet?), and this one has won our Publisher’s heart.

What’s your favorite insurance commercial?



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