Iron Yard Opens in Atlanta


The Iron Yard has opened another code school in Atlanta. It is the second outside of Greenville in as many months, and more branches of the Iron Yard Academy are planned throughout the Southeast.

The three-month Web design and engineering programs will launch in Atlanta and Charleston in March. Chief Strategy Officer John Saddington said the company aims to open in four to five more cities this year. Durham, N.C., will likely be next, and any major metro area in the Southeast is a possibility.

Saddington said expansion will happen in places where the Iron Yard identifies potential employees who align with the school’s people-first culture and emphasis on career counseling, which he believes set it apart. For instance, metropolitan areas in Texas are being considered because of people Saddington met there recently.

“We try to find people that make sense for our organization, match our DNA,” Saddington said. “We know there’s such a gap in the market that we can find customers or students anywhere we go.”

He has hired 10 people in the past 12 weeks.

The schools will provide three months of intensive training with a money-back guarantee for those who also enroll in the job placement program. Of about 60 graduates so far, Saddington said none have sought refunds and all have gained new positions or increased earnings as a result of their stint in the code school.


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