James Jordon shares four steps to making dreams into reality



James Jordon, award-winning small-business owner, shared his Dream Catchers Workshop at the Greenville Chamber’s Friday Forum. Jordon is the founder of Jordon Construction Company, which the Greenville Chamber named the Minority Business of the Year in 2014 and the Small Business of the Month in September 2015.

You have probably heard of Jordon or his companies. He is an active Greenville Chamber investor, is involved in the Minority Business Accelerator program, appears frequently at networking events and serves as an expert on panels. It’s this reputation as a mentor and business leader that makes his background so shocking and his story all the more compelling.


The Kalamazoo, Mich., native graduated high school with a 1.7 grade point average. It wasn’t until he got to college and received encouragement from his parents and professors that he began to realize his potential. It was Jordon’s father who first asked him to consider his goals and dreams.

By 28, Jordon had ventured into real estate and had built a respectable portfolio. He dabbled in other entrepreneurial ventures, but his passion lies in real estate and construction, “because it gives you a chance to take something people don’t see potential in and bring life to it,” he said.

Jordon is also passionate about lifting others up to realize their potential with his Dream Catchers Workshops, which help participants design their own maps to success through planning, teamwork and accountability. He shared key tips that have helped him turn his dreams into reality at the Chamber’s Friday Forum:


1. You make the difference


Get motivated. Figure out what motivates you to make a difference.


2. Visualize your dream


Picture yourself bringing your dream home to your family. Friday Forum attendees even shared their big dreams with each other.


3. Write it down


Things take on new life when you put them on paper.


4. Set at least three goals


Set at least three daily activities for accomplishing each goal.

Jordon relentlessly pursued his dreams until the work paid off. He keeps a positive attitude and overcomes obstacles by keeping the big picture in mind.

“Failure is a stepping stone, not a tombstone,” he said.




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