Leasing concierge company makes apartment hunting easier


Maggie Maher created her business plan for a concierge leasing company in 2005, but decided to put it on the back burner while pursuing a career in property management and waiting for the Greenville market to gain momentum. In September 2015, she dusted off that plan and began Dwell Greenville.

What makes her business unique is that there is no other concierge leasing service in Greenville, says Maher. Her closest competitor, who she also works closely with, Apartment and Relocation Services, focuses on a much broader market that includes South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, while Dwell Greenville focuses solely on the Greenville area. With this focus, Maher says she is able to “dig into what a client is really looking for” in a property.

The company provides a one-stop shop for people looking to rent a condo or apartment in Greenville. Maher provides services ranging from property reviews, guided tours of the area and full relocation services for companies. The majority of her clients are relocating and need help finding an area of town to live in. Dwell Greenville charges an hourly fee, based on the type of service requested.

So far, business has come in via word of mouth from realtors whose clients are building a new house or whose home sold too quickly, leaving them in need of temporary housing; companies who are relocating staff; and existing rental properties that are looking to attract more tenants.

Dwell Greenville launch party
Open to the public
Learn more: facebook.com/DwellGreenvilleSC

Maher says she’s been quietly building her brand since launching Dwell Greenville and seeing how the market would react to her services. It’s just been a one-woman shop until now. A launch party will be held this week to mark the official debut of the company along with a new website.

Future plans for the company include establishing Dwell as a brand of living, says Maher: “What life is like, what it’s like living here, a complete lifestyle brand.”

She also wants to create an MLS database of rentals in Greenville, a roommate pairing service and a resident party/event planning service. Maher is currently training three people who will act as independent contractors for the company; they will be partnering with local businesses to offer complimentary welcome packages for those who sign leases to help them get to know the area.

The company is also producing a Greenville’s Finest List, showcasing businesses voted “Greenville’s Finest” by local residents. Maher crowdsourced this list in late 2015 and will be publishing the results in late March.



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