Locally Epic encourages local shopping with new campaign


Locally Epic is launching the Upstate Shop Local Saturday campaign to support locally owned and operated businesses and grow Greenville’s economy every fourth Saturday of the month. The Shop Local Saturday for this month will be March 24.

Offering location-based marketing technology for businesses and consumers, the Locally Epic app connects people with promotions and offers throughout the week to ensure they find the best deals on Shop Local Saturday each month.

“We want people to just go and buy local,” said Chase Michaels, the CEO and founder of Locally Epic. “The impact on our local economy can be huge if people do this.”

Out of every dollar spent locally in the Upstate, 75 cents stay here to build Greenville’s economy. This growth occurs at a much slower rate when buying online or at a big-box store.

“Shopping at locally owned stores is essential to keeping the Upstate economy growing. Buy a painting from a local artist. Eat at locally owned restaurants,” Michaels said. “We are not asking people to spend more money. Just take what you are spending now online or a big-box store and go to a locally owned shop. If Upstate consumers pivot $20 a week away from online or a big-box store to a locally owned store for 52 weeks (1 year), that would increase the local Upstate economy by $300 million.”

With more than 35,000 users and 45 categories, Locally Epic helps people find the best local offers with ease. The app can be downloaded for free on iTunes or GooglePlay.

“One of the Upstate’s charms is its home-grown businesses,” Michaels said. “They are a backbone of the community, and by supporting them, we support ourselves. Let’s all come together and be stewards of this awesome place we call home. Let’s keep it local!”


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