Maple Street Biscuit Company opens first of two Greenville-area stores

photo by William Lee | @billlee23

The Jacksonville, Fla.-based breakfast and lunch eatery Maple Street Biscuit Company is set to open its first South Carolina location at Five Forks in Simpsonville on Sept. 21.

The 2,700-square-foot restaurant in the end-unit of the Lowes Food Simpsonville Village Market East development, 2815 Woodruff Road, is the first of two locations planned for the Greenville area.

The second is downtown in the former Dixie’s Tavern at 18 E. North St.

The menu includes a variety of biscuits — maple syrup is folded into each and every one — and toppings. For instance, The Squawking Goat is a flaky biscuit, with all-natural fried chicken breast, a fried goat cheese medallion, and house-made pepper jelly. The Reinhold, named after the customer who repeatedly ordered the same off-menu combo, is a biscuit with all-natural fried chicken breast, crunchy dill pickles, and house-made honey mustard.

“It’s comfort food done uniquely,” says Joseph Duncan, Simpsonville operator.

The order counter at the front gives customers a complete view of the open kitchen and biscuit counter, where biscuits are made constantly during the day.

“We have an immaculate kitchen,” Duncan says. “We have to. There’s nowhere to hide.”

Instead of giving orders numbers or assigning the customers’ names to a ticket, Maple Street asks each customer a predetermined question, and whatever the answer is becomes the name on the order.

For instance, the first question when a store opens is “What is your favorite band?”

Chances are, in the mix of The Beatles, Taylor Swift, and Coldplay, some joker will answer something as potentially embarrassing as the Spice Girls, as one 280-pound biker did one day when Duncan was training in a Florida store. He says the entire store full of customers burst into laughter, and it served as conversation fodder for quite a while.

“The goal is how can we make you have a great day,” Duncan says.



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