Michelin launches travel guide series for tourists


Michelin will be publishing an all-new series of travel books that are designed to help people quickly pinpoint their locations at their destination cities and discover the best attractions in the vicinity.

Michelin’s Map and Guide series books are pocket-sized guides with 25 pages. The book is organized by neighborhoods, with each represented by a single-fold atlas-quality map that is indexed to orientate travelers to their immediate surroundings and what they can enjoy nearby, according to a release. The books also offer “must-see” attractions, Michelin travel editors’ favorites, notable restaurants, cafes and bars, shopping and nightlife. The books are now on sale at major booksellers for $9.95.

“This is a very practical, no-nonsense travel guide,” said Cynthia Ochterbeck, editorial director of Michelin Travel Partner. “The maps are designed to be very easy to read so that you can easily orient yourself in new surroundings and find out what there is to experience around the corner.”


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