Michelin unveils three new Ultraflex tires


Michelin, headquartered in Greenville, introduced three new tires for North American farmers that are designed with Michelin Ultraflex Technology, a tire and casing design that promotes soil protection, fuel savings, longer service life and greater endurance. Michelin featured the new tire models, designed for sprayers and harvesting equipment, at the Canada Farm Progress Show in Regina, Saskatchewan.

“As farm equipment has grown larger and heavier in recent years, farmers now cover more acres per day, but soil compaction has become a greater challenge,” said Mike Pantaleo, customer engineering support for Michelin Agriculture tires. “Michelin Ultraflex tires address this issue by operating at lower pressures than standard radial tires, therefore producing a larger footprint. This larger footprint distributes the weight of the machine over the largest area possible to reduce compaction.”


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